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What Makes Blueprint Prep so Effective?

Proven Curriculum & Teaching Methods

Blueprint’s proven strategies have helped tens of thousands of students improve their LSAT and MCAT scores. We constantly update materials to reflect the latest tests so our students are always prepared.

Elite Instructors

Blueprint only hires the best instructors and tutors with 98th percentile scores or better. We don’t skimp on pay or training so we have the best and retain them.

Mind-Blowing Analytics

We capture data about every interaction you have with our platform. Our analytics and AI help us diagnose why you got questions wrong and help you improve faster.

Engaging Content

Most test prep is stale and boring. We use state-of-the-art video production, software tools, and UX design to make your experience engaging and enjoyable. You’ll learn more when you’re having fun.


Our curriculum is the backbone of everything we do. Our content teams are simply the best in the industry. We have teams of LSAT and MCAT experts who obsess over every question, every explanation, and every new development with the test. We are constantly updating and improving our curriculum.

At Blueprint, we don’t teach quick tips or tricks. Our curriculum focuses on the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for mastery of each exam. We break down each section into digestible parts and we have developed effective strategies for each part. Our reputation was built on the ability to help students understand very complex material.

The best LSAT Instructors

Smarter Instructors

Blueprint was founded by veteran instructors, and we will never compromise our teaching standards. We have very high requirements for our instructors. To teach for Blueprint, you must score in the 98th percentile on higher on an actual exam. But more than that, you to demonstrate exceptional teaching ability. We turn down over 90% of those who apply to teach for us.

Each of our instructors goes through a rigorous training process. By the time they are put in front of an actual course, they have gone through hundreds of hours of training and been mentored by a veteran instructor. We constantly monitor our instructors and part of their compensation is based on the success of their students. It is truly an elite team.

Smarter Platform

Our proprietary learning platform is the next evolution of test prep. We start with a custom study schedule built for your life and your goals. We use an advanced algorithm to produce the optimal schedule for you. Plus, it’s fully editable so you can make sure every assignment fits with your schedule. We know test prep should fit your life – not the other way around.

The Blueprint platform captures data on every interaction you have with the course. This gives you insights into not just what questions you got wrong, but why you got questions wrong. This level of analysis makes our learning engine smarter than anything else out there. Our AI analyzes student performance across thousands of students to make your journey more efficient. Our goal is to get you the highest score possible without any wasted time or effort.

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Smarter Experience

We all slept through classes in college. When you are asleep, or just bored, you don’t retain information well. Most test prep is tired and boring. Blueprint was founded on the idea that test prep can actually be entertaining. When you engage with one of our products, you will feel like you are playing a game or watching a movie – not studying for a standardized test.

Our video production team brings dense, intimidating material to life using animation and motion graphics. Our UX designers make modern interfaces that use gaming features to keep you engaged. And our team of talented instructors is always seeking creative and humorous new ways to teach challenging concepts. It’s all a means to an end. We want you to enjoy every minute of your experience so that you want to come back for more. When you are engaging with the content on a deep level, your score will start to soar.


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